Online Organizing

The ACLU of Wisconsin maintains a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter to engage civil libertarian activists through social media. Currently, the ACLU uses social media to help with projects monitoring police misconduct, racial profiling, election protection, and other civil liberties issues.

Milwaukee ACLU Chapter Facebook group
Chippewa Valley ACLU Chapter Facebook group
I Read Banned Books - Wisconsin Facebook group
Education Resources

Find resources for discussing education policy here.

Wisconsin Dept of Justice Safe Schools Legal Resource Manual
One piece of the puzzle in keeping our schools safe is for school administrators, teachers, and child protective service professionals, to be fully aware of their legal rights and obligations.
ACLU Statewide Student Alliance Facebook Group

Keep up with our student alliances around Wisconsin on Facebook!

ACLU Statewide Student Alliance on Twitter


Milwaukee Know Your Rights Card

A guide for Milwaukee-area residents to help educate them about their rights in law enforcement encounters.

Bullying Resource Guide

The ACLU of Wisconsin's resource guide for students and their families, "It's Bigger than Bullying."

Madison Know Your Rights Card
Student Know Your Rights Card

Do you know what your rights are when you are in school?  Check this out!

Unlock the Vote Wisconsin report

Wisconsin law bars individuals with felony convictions from voting while incarcerated or while on probation, parole or extended supervision.  This stops an estimated 62,000 citizens with felony convictions from voting.  Learn why this is a problem by reading the ACLU's Unlock the Vote Wisconsin report.

Questions for Parents to Ask About Sex Education

Parents are the best advocates for the quality of their children’s education. The new comprehensive sexuality education law has provisions for parents to ask questions about sex ed classes, curriculum and teachers at their school. The following questions are for parents to ask their children’s school leadership about how they are complying with the new, higher standards for comprehensive sexuality education.

2014 Youth Social Justice Forum Book
ACLU Annual Report 2013-14
Wisconsin Election Protection Comments on Voter ID
ACLU Body Worn Camera Position Paper
Youth Social Justice Forum 2016 Book

This is the book of resources from our 2016 Youth Social Justice Forum.

Lincoln Hills Amended Complaint
Youth Social Justice Forum 2017 Workbook
Margo Frasier report on MPD