The ACLU of Wisconsin Foundation organizes workshops, training sessions and other community education events throughout the year. Learn more about our community education programs below.

Student Alliances

The ACLU has 11 Student Alliances in the 2012-13 academic year: five at the college level and six at the high school level. Each College Student Alliance has an established leadership structure, connects with other alliances, and works with state ACLU staff. The Public Arts Student Alliance (PASA), a partnership between the ACLU of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Public Theatre and Milwaukee Public Schools, works with Milwaukee-area students to help them understand their civil rights and liberties and effect change in their communities.

Youth Social Justice Forum

On November 18, 2013, the ACLU of Wisconsin will hold its 14th Annual Youth Social Justice Forum in Milwaukee for more than 400 high school students. The Forum uses role-playing and hands-on workshops to teach young people about government, civil liberties and how individuals can create grassroots change in their community. Click here to learn more.

Legal Observer Program

Legal observers are trained volunteers who work as peaceful, non-partisan legal monitors at protests, demonstrations, elections and other events. They also record any unusual or unlawful law enforcement actions. Since 2006, the ACLU has helped train hundreds of observers statewide, many of whom volunteered as election protectors during the 2008 and 2012 Wisconsin elections.

Email to learn more about Legal Observer trainings in Milwaukee, Madison or your community.

Know Your Rights Trainings

We conduct a range of workshops and trainings for community organizations and groups, where individuals learn about their rights during elections, protests and demonstrations, and encounters with law enforcement. See our events for upcoming workshops, or email us to request a speaker for your group.

Online Organizing

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn how we help with projects monitoring police misconduct, racial profiling, election protection and other civil liberties issues.