Lawsuits alone do not usually change society, but they have played an integral role in many social movements, such as the civil rights movement.  Whether our case goes to the U.S. Supreme Court first, or is among multiple cases that court takes up, or whether another case reaches the Court before we can get there isn’t as important as...
The ACLU of Wisconsin named Darlene Johns Youth Civil Libertarian of the Year.  Out of several hundred other students in ACLU student alliances, Darlene rose above all of these young people to be recognized.
ACLU of Wisconsin Youth and Programs Organizer, Syd Robinson, was included on the 2014 Trans 100 List, an annual listing of 100 trans individuals from all over the country who are currently active in the work of making the lives of Trans people better.
We're in court fighting for marriage equality!  
The ACLU of Wisconsin sent a letter today to the Madison Metropolitan School Board after hearing that they were considering a new Student Behavior Plan which would clearly state that students cannot be suspended/ expelled for certain smaller-level behavioral issues and eliminate zero tolerance policies.
Marraige Equality: Why Not in Wisconsin?
Darlene Johns Named ACLU Youth Civil Libertarian of Year
ACLU Youth Organizer chosen for Trans 100
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ACLU Urges Madison School Board to Rid District of Zero-Tolerance Policies
April 25 and 26
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