Last night, the ACLU filed an amended complaint in their class-action lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee over its police department’s vast stop-and-frisk program. The revised complaint adds three named plaintiffs to the lawsuit, one of whom is Representative David Crowley, a state legislator representing Wisconsin’s 17th Assembly...
The ACLU of Wisconsin and Juvenile Law Center, with pro-bono assistance from Quarles & Brady, filed a class action lawsuit last night in federal court against four Wisconsin state officials, including Wisconsin Secretary of Corrections Jon E. Litscher, citing the unconstitutional use of solitary confinement and inhumane conditions for youth in...
The ACLU has compiled a list of resources to help you.  In the week following Election Day, acts of hate are on the rise around the country. We want to make sure that you know your rights and have access to the resources you need.
The ACLU created this guide to help individuals by providing them with the clear direction they may need to navigate the many issues that arise through bullying. We hope readers will better understand their civil liberties and civil rights, find solutions, and ensure children have access to an adequate education and a safe learning environment.
The ACLU filed suit in federal court today against Wisconsin’s state university system and insurance board over their refusal to provide gender-affirming health insurance coverage to state employees who are transgender.
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